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Deletes most every project

The app is fantastic...until you close the app and come back to continue working. I am a teacher and deployed this app the roughly 35 students. Every single project was deleted and says that the project is downloading but never reappears. This app is a great min mapping tool that is easy to use and learn. Sadly, it is utterly worthless if all your work disappears each time you close the app. The only flaw, but it is a deal breaker.

Great app

O love the app and the support it even better ..

Not worth the time

The app had a nice layout and design. I liked the fact that it could sinc with the reminders app to let you know when things need to be done by. It had nice features with a sleek look. However after I entered in my project, 2 days later the app deleted the whole project. It has a good concept, but poor functionality. Overall the app defeats the purpose of planning/saving time. There's not point in spending time dealing with this app if it can't handle the simple task it's given. Not worth the time. I would suggest looking into different productivity/project planning apps.

Great app with room for improvement

I love the look and feel of the app. It has giveen me a great way to create a framework for my project but could use some improvement in the collaboration department. It would be nice if you could add people to it so they could see and edit also. I have also had issues with it not opening when shared and with my project not saving. Beautiful visually though and has great potential.

Marketing professional

Easy and nice looking app. Helps me to manage all my projects.

Fascinatung app

This applications totally change may way of life planning

Nothing works I want my money back

I worked for 2 hours on a map, could never export it. Saved it and closed the app. When I opened it again all my work was gone.

Great app

And it becomes better with every release

Love this app

Helps me organize my thoughts

Easy moves

This task manager is absolutely and by far the best I've ever used and I have made an exhaustive search to find one that suits my temperament, one that doesn't mind taking unexpected twists and turns when in the middle of a task. I have given it five stars. But it would be complete if pictures could be added to give you a visual of the progress of the task at hand. Also, the dates when the task was started and completed could be recorded would be an additional feature. I am very happy with how the app allows you to keep track of the progress of a task in much the way a process flows - not always in a straight line but with twists and turns.

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